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    My name is Idris. I have coached and consulted some of the world’s wealthiest and poorest people. One thing my clients all have in common is that they feel more invigorated, hopeful, and empowered after working with me. I have been a thought leader in corporate America, studied for half a year in a Buddhist Monastery, led a Silicon Valley start-up, educated children in the slums of India, and traveled the world to learn many skills and unique perspectives that I hope to share with you.


    You might be struggling with managing finances, keeping logistics in order, communicating in important relationships, or simply feel stuck. Regardless of your current situation, we will work together to help you find a path to reach your goals.


    Together we can identify your strengths, help you hone your talents, and transform negative beliefs that are blocking your growth. Let me support you on your journey!

  • What to Expect

    1. We start with Your intentions: Gain clarity and share your aspirations by answering a few questions https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WGInxud13WAA_A4XjlAmfKqvdwvVssttnv04hHWEk1c/edit
    2. Vibe check: 30-minute free connection to see if we vibe (schedule one here!)
    3. We make a plan that works for you: a custom schedule and coaching package based on what we both feel will be most supportive. The default package is 10 weekly 60-minute sessions with...
    4. Daily & weekly homework between sessions: The weekly sessions are motivational & insight-generating, but the real work happens in doing the practices & exercises throughout the week!
    • Career planning tools,
    • Accountability tools,
    • Meditations,
    • Selected readings,
    • Networking outreach,
    • Journaling prompts, and
    • Various exercises tailored to your specific needs and challenges
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  • What Clients Are Saying

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    "Working with Idris is akin to having a personal Yoda that provides a unique portfolio of tools, exercises, and meditations that will transform you into the Jedi that you were meant to be."

    - Julian, MBA, Management Consultant, Short Story Writer, Entrepreneur

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    "The skills Idris has taught me are such a large part of my daily life and have made a rich and deep impact on my personal relationships, work interactions, and how I manage and regulate my own emotions and experiences."

    - Anjali, Vice Principal of a California Bay Area School, Writer

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  • A Science Backed Approach

    I have spent many years researching what makes careers great. As a People Analytics Practitioner, I worked directly with numerous corporations to build the environment for great careers. I learned what leaders, HR teams, and organizations are trying to do to help individuals with their careers. And I learned what they are unable to do.


    I realized that most companies and other organizations are lacking insight into what truly makes us happy. I have looked into Western psychology, neuroscience, and Eastern philosophy. Together we will apply the wisdom and techniques from these different traditions to your career to help you build the career you dream of.

    The Support You Need

    Whether you are needing gentle affirmation that you're on the right path or a little kick to keep you accountable to your goals, I will meet you where you are. You share your intentions, we will set the agenda together, and I will provide you with the support you need.

    Enthusiasm to Get You Unstuck!

    There are a lot of reasons we can get bogged down. Worried about one of humanity's many crises? Embarrassed by the judgments your family or colleagues (un)intentionally put on you? Not sure what to do to get started or how to trust yourself? Afraid of failing or rejection?


    It is OK!


    I have helped numerous people get through EACH of these challenges and I know that you can do it, too! Helping you with your journey gives me so much energy and everyone tells me that my enthusiasm is infectious, haha! So, come see what has worked for hundreds of others.

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  • Get Started on Your Own

    These are tools that many clients, friends, and I have used to help build our careers. I'm confident they will serve you well!

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    A great pick-me-up for when you're needing a hit of inspiration, this is packed full of great tips from the founder of LinkedIn

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    For analytical and thorough people who are aspiring to have the most positive impact in the world, many useful tools & resources to consider the work you could do to make the world a better place.

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    Overwhelmed? Stuck? Figuring out Your Purpose? Pick the right exercise for where you are in this present moment. I recommend everyone start with mapping your current path.

  • For Voracious Readers

  • Questions or Concerns?

    Not sure if you are ready for or even need career coaching? Have a few questions?


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