• What Clients Are Saying


    “Working with Idris is akin to having a personal Yoda that provides a unique portfolio of tools, exercises, and meditations that will transform you into the Jedi that you were meant to be.”

    - Julian, MBA, Management Consultant, Short Story Writer, Entrepreneur


    My time with Idris has been transformative. I come from a western background of competition, structure, and corporate ladder climbing. Idris has a strong understanding of western culture and the compromises that we often make to justify career/money over happiness. He uses articles, activities, journaling, and meditation to change this paradigm. Since working with Idris my perspective of career has changed significantly.


    Idris has provided me with tools to increase my work performance. Since working with Idris, I am getting more positive feedback from my performance managers and colleagues. I am also observing that I have more time for myself, and I have added clarity to what my true values are.


    Idris is easy to work with, and he works to create space for perspectives that differ from his own. He offers advice in a way that makes it feel like it was my idea the whole time. He is more than a career coach. Working with Idris is akin to having a personal Yoda that provides a unique portfolio of tools, exercises, and meditations that will transform you into the Jedi that you were meant to be.


    The skills Idris has taught me are such a large part of my daily life and have made a rich and deep impact on my personal relationships, work interactions, and how I manage and regulate my own emotions and experiences.

    - Anjali, Vice Principal of a California Bay Area Elementary School, Writer


    I was recently reminded of this during my interview for my Vice Principal position. With only 4 years of experience as a teacher, I was very worried that my “limited” experiences would be an obstacle in me obtaining this job. But I quickly realized that I had all the tools in my tool box, thanks to Idris, to handle each of the challenging role-plays they put me in during my five hour interview. There were many times when I received a difficult question that required navigating multiple experiences, and finding a solution that met the needs of seemingly conflicting stakeholders. . These questions highlighted just how challenging it is to navigate the vast pressures we deal with as educators. I found myself pausing and seriously considering each before answering and responding always by affirming the person who approached me with a concern. I would suggest a strategy and then check in to clarify it was meeting their needs. To my surprise, my interviewers paused the interview at least 5 times to share how deeply they were moved by how I was communicating. One said they felt they were at the point of tears and said I must have had a great mentor. When they asked me where I learned all of this, I slowly thought through all of the teachers, mentors, and coaches I have ever had. And I’m certain that no one other than Idris taught me the skills that have made such a huge impact in my life and the life of the children and educators I serve. I’m committed to bringing these skills and strategies to my new school community and each of the classrooms I support in next year. Idris has really taught me to view my life differently and I am so grateful I’ve been able to practice and learn these skills with him for the last three years. I know there is something every single person can learn in this area and I hope you have a chance to learn from Idris’s wealth of skills and tools too. I can’t recommend him enough!