• BIPOC Mindfulness Events

    Find a sit, sangha, or sweet mindfulness practice specifically for BIPOC on every day of the year!
    I experienced a painful journey to find spaces like many of these that nourish my soul in a safe way. Through that, I ended up creating this calendar of BIPOC sanghas & mindfulness events. I hope this can be helpful to someone else on a similar journey!
    Note: Shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    Might take 5-10 seconds to load. I hope you enjoy your breath and/or body in the meantime!

  • Contact Me

    Anything need to be updated? Any information that should be more restricted? Just want to connect? Please let me know! Your connection is part of my work to build safe spiritual community for all of us. Thanks for being a part of my journey!

  • Additional Lists

    In case you are not finding the groups you are looking for above, try some of these additional lists that are being maintained by others!