• Community Building

    Are you looking for community?

    Think we have something in common?

    I'd love to build with you!


    These are a few aspects of my lived experience/values that I'd love to connect with others who share similar experiences & build one or many different communities around (roughly in order of priority - i.e. how much I don't yet have it + how much I want it):

    • Bohris on the Border: Being born Dawoodi Bohra and struggling to feel a sense of belonging in/to the community
    • Poetry, rhyming, cyphering, and/or spoken word jams
    • (2nd generation) immigrant experiences
    • Resting support
    • Communal living and other forms of non-nuclear family living experiences
    • Rumi & Sufism meditation
    • Resisting with Love
    • Fan clubbing Octavia Butler
    • Resisting genocide
    • Daily meditation practice
    • Visioning & creating cultures of care
    • Lisaan Ud Dawaat language practice group
    • Transforming perfectionism
    • Writing practice
    • Muslim Indian American experiences
    • Reading bell hooks
    • Building/playing social games (i.e. games that heal the world)
    • Muslim heritage experiences
    • Experiences with ancestral heritage being demonized
    • BIPOC experiences
    • Buddhist sutra study
    • Resisting white supremacist,  toxic capitalist, intolerant, male supremacist,  culture and institutions
    • Critical Analysis
    • "Radical"/"progressive" politics
    • Anti-carceral/PIC abolitionist politics
    • Other things described on this site

  • Hit me up!

    I'm excited to learn how we might be jiving!