• Mediation

    Sometimes you need a helping heart!

  • How It Works


    1:1 Conversations
    with Idris

    Meet with me individually to get clear on your goals for mediation and any safety concerns you would like me to hold. Sometimes the conflict will be fully addressed at this stage!



    Meet regularly with Idris. Idris can guide the conversation, hold emotional space for you, and support everyone being heard how they would like to be. Reach new shared understandings and agreements.


    Beginning Anew

    Become refreshed as you acknowledge the plans, name what you'll need from one another for things to work, and any back-up plans, as you move forward. Transition out of being supported by Idris into a new way of relating to each other.

  • Get Started Now!

  • Moving Beyond Right & Wrong Thinking

    Instead of focusing on whose story of the situation is most accurate, we will shift our focus to finding a way forward that works for everyone.


    I'm committing to making sure that everyone's feelings and needs regarding the situation are being attended to. This includes people who are directly impacted by the situation that we're addressing as well as myself. When we recognize that each of us needs care, we can soften into a way of being that cares for all of us. This helps us find our way out of the most difficult situation.

    Skill-building on Request

    As we practice together, we might identify opportunities to learn and practice new skills to improve our connection. Apart from the various skills available in the resources section of this website, I will often offer tools that you can use on your own, outside of the mediation. Most of my clients find these skills helpful in all kinds of relationships, not just the one they're in mediation to care for.

    Connect at the Level that Works for You

    Depending on the context, we might want to deepen our relationship (e.g. with a family member, spouse, or partner) or we might want to set some new boundaries and create a better distance (e.g. a neighbor that has become too intrusive). Whatever the situation, I will work with you to name and create the depth of connection that will work for both of you. This may mean your relationship becomes deeply intimate and loving in a way you would have never imagined. This may mean that you realize this relationship is not working for you and that you would like a lot more distance. Whatever is best, you will be supported and held as you do the work to find your way.

  • Transform Your Conflict!

    Let's get started in changing your difficult situation and developing peace and ease once again